digital divide: (n)

an economic and social inequality in given populations in their access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies


Dane County households with computer


Dane County low-income households with Internet access


Dane County residents with skills to use and enjoy technology

DANEnet works to close the gap

Digital Technology Committee

DANEnet staff and a board member serve on the City of Madison’s Digital Technology Committee. The committee advises the Mayor and Common Council on the City’s deployment and use of digital technology including:

  • Making studies and recommendations relative to facilitating the provision of Internet access to all citizens, with special attention to low-income families
  • Realizing additional benefits from and expanding utilization of the Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network
  • Exploring the technological needs of existing & startup businesses
  • Assisting in provision of digital infrastructure needs and facilitating communication with, the local IT community

Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network

DANEnet is among the 16 partners in the Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network (MUFN). MUFN was awarded a $5.1 million grant from the Department of Commerce. MUFN is a collaborative metro fiber-optic network serving education, health, government, and nonprofit-organization anchor institutions in the Madison, Middleton and Monona areas. It unifies and augments existing telecom resources to facilitate enhanced Internet and point-to-point connectivity. This effort improves broadband access, economic development, public safety, education, and community support programs. Many Madison nonprofits utilize MUFN for high-speed, high bandwidth Internet. Contact DANEnet to find out if your location has MUFN as an affordable Internet service option.

Technology education

DANEnet frequently works with community centers, senior centers and nonprofit organizations that reach populations of people who often do not have technology education opportunities. These projects focus on providing technology education for people who often do not have the access and opportunity to learn about – and tinker – with technology.  Past projects include:

  • build your own computer
  • e-textiles
  • Raspberry Pi
  • coding
  • robotics
  • maker clubs

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Technology, connectivity and skills for everyone

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