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for a free one-hour consultation so we can show how you can better use technology to help your organization meet its mission!

Nonprofit Technology Assistance

DANEnet provides consulting and PC technical services that take into
account the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

Technology Services Include:

We can help you select, design, install and maintain your computer system.

DANEnet provides:

Professional Expertise

Many nonprofit organizations with limited resources are forced to resort to begging assistance from volunteers, family and friends. The result can be a lack of continuity and a confused IT environment. DANEnet's skilled staff will help clarify your computer confusion and improve continuity and productivity.

Appropriate Technology

Too often nonprofit organizations are provided with solutions that are either too expensive or too elaborate for their situation. Danenet is committed to helping Dane County nonprofit organizations find appropriate solutions to their technology needs.

Low Cost

DANEnet's services are affordable even for budget-conscious nonprofits. We are dedicated to providing our services to Dane County nonprofits at the lowest possible cost.