Ongoing Projects...

MSR participates in a number of local community projects; some of the ongoing or regularly recurring projects are:

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

SAAM is April. MSR participates in the planning of this community-wide series of events and occassionally offers workshops. We are glad to speak to anyone and answer questions, or to provide workshop facilitation at your business or school.


Take Back the Night

We work in collaboration with a coalition of University, Edgewood College, and community groups to coordinate Take Back the Night -- our focus is obviously upon activities for men who wish to attend the event.

Stephen's address to the crowd from TBTN 2003 can be found on our Resources page.

CR's - Consciousness—Raising Discussions

In days of old, we held these twice a month; we stopped somewhere in the mid-nineties mostly for reasons of staff burnout. We are energized and excited about such discussions, and if there is enough interest we will gladly resume this series in the near future.

PSA's - Public Service Announcements

We have produced three sixty-second radio spots (our thanks to the students at Briarpatch for lending their voices and input to the project).

Brochure re-write

Alas, our poor brochure: we were quite proud of it when we originally created it, but that was back in 1987(!), and a lot has changed since then...

so, we are in the process of re-writing and updating the content to more accurately reflect both the nature of the problem of sexual assault in our current culture and the activities of this organization in response to the problem. Let Stephen know if you are interested in aiding with the writing or layout process...


this site is constantly in need of update, as well as your input, suggestions, corrections, etc...

Stephen webmasters this site, but welcomes any and all kinds of assistance from people of all kinds of web experience levels, so by all means let him know if you are interested in helping with the site...


A valuable part of the movement to end sexual violence since 1983