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Tech Solutions: Affordable Tech Support for Nonprofit Agencies in Dane County

DANEnet is a nonprofit organization so we understand nonprofits; we hold the best interests of nonprofit organizations in our mission and our practice. Our expert tech staff are committed to providing quality, affordable services and appropriate technology. We don’t always promote the latest and the greatest, but rather we work with clients to find the best solutions to their challenges, needs, and budget. Check out our Tech Solutions page for more detailed info.

Digital Equity Project: Connecting Low-Income Households

We are dedicated to improving social and economic equity by connecting low-income households to affordable internet service and computers, and by providing free computer literacy classes in community centers and libraries. It’s estimated that 14,000 households in Dane County lack reliable connectivity and we’re working to change that! Our Digital Equity Project page is a great resource for more info.

How We Succeed

Awesome Workers

DANEnet has a wonderfully professional tech support staff, a stable of tech/web support contractors, and dedicated, skilled volunteers who serve on our board, help coordinate our Digital Equity Project, and assist with fundraising.
Meet our Crew.

Loyal Clients

Over 100 Dane County nonprofits choose DANEnet as their IT/Tech Support professionals, and we are incredibly grateful for them. Whether they have a large number of on-site staff, or a small team of remote workers, we always do our best to help our clients work efficiently and effectively.
Learn more about becoming one of our clients.

Generous Donors

From families that donate their used laptops to local businesses and donors that provide much-needed funding for our Digital Equity Project, our community members’ generosity helps close the digital divide for dozens of Dane County families every year, which improves our local economy, health, and safety.
Become a Supporter of Digital Equity.

Fantastic Partners

We could absolutely not do the work we do without our community partners, including: Madison Public Library, City of Madison, Madison Metropolitan School District, Cascade Asset Management, as well as various community centers. When we collaborate and share resources, we can be better serve community members on the other side of the digital divide.
Read More about the Digital Divide.

Tech Support Client Testimonials

We count on DANEnet for a quick response to all our technology needs.

DANEnet has been instrumental in planning and implementing IT projects for our agency. Projects have had a quick return on investment, we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the work.

DANEnet staff is my IT doula.

Matt has been so supportive and knowledgeable about various things, it is really nice to completely trust someone and what they say, knowing they are looking out for your best interest.

Everyone we have been working with has been thoughtful, thorough, and prompt. We’ve enjoyed working with your staff!

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