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Available Staff Positions

We are looking for a full-time field technician!
If you are an experienced IT Support Technician looking for engaging work helping nonprofits find their tech mojo, we’d love to hear from you! 32-40 hrs/wk (weekdays, somewhat flexible schedule) and healthcare/PTO/retirement benefits after six months. Hourly rate starts at $25-$35 depending on experience and reliable transportation is required (we reimburse you for mileage and travel time). Click here for the full position description.

Email with your resume and tell us about your experience, availability, and enthusiasm for all things tech.

Volunteer Opportunities

DANEnet’s Digital Equity Project offers free computer literacy classes, tech repair/support clinics, and refurbished donated laptops to low-income households without the means or access to those resources. We are looking for friendly, patient, experienced IT/Tech Support volunteers to help with the following:

Weekday Refurb: Come into DANEnet during office hours for 2 hrs/week to process/refurbish donated laptops in our conference room. This involves assessing donations, running KillDisk, installing software, and basic troubleshooting/repair if needed (replacing SSD, battery, etc). This can also be a group opportunity for 2-4 skilled volunteers who can come in for 2-3 hours one morning or afternoon! All supplies are provided.

Weekly Tech Repair/Support Clinic: Someone to provide tech repair/support to walk-in visitors at our Fix-IT Clinics at various libraries & community centers throughout Dane County. Schedule can vary; Clinics are typically held weekly at any particular site for one month. Typical issues addressed are slow computers, dead hard drives, and settings or usage questions. This can also be a weekly group opportunity for 2-4 skilled volunteers. (We can schedule Clinics around volunteer availability.)

Weekly Zoom Tech Support: We are getting ready to launch a new weekly online Zoom Tech Support program in 2023 and are looking for individuals and teams available for a Zoom 10am-12noon Wednesdays to provide tech support/advice to our community elders as well as other folks on the other side of the digital divide without access to someone who can help them. If you don’t mind being the go-to for less tech-savvy family members, this is your jam! Think of it as a trustworthy place your Aunt Molly can go for advice regarding that email from the Nigerian prince she got, or get help with downloading family photos from Facebook to save on her Google Drive. This is a new program so we’re not sure how many volunteers are needed but guessing 4-8 might be ideal and having a Spanish-speaker is helpful since we have many Latino community members needing tech guidance as well.

If you are an experienced IT support technician with customer service skills with the availability to help, tell us! We’d love to hear about your background and interests in regards to the positions listed above. Email and tell us what you know, why you’re interested, and when you’re available.

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