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Did You Know?

The number of Dane County homes that have no Internet access
The average savings, per year, in an Internet-connected household
The number of low-income households that DANEnet helps each year!

Our Digital Equity Project offers low-cost refurbished computers to eligible low-income households. Quality devices are donated by local businesses, refurbished by our partner Cascade Asset Management and deployed in the community by DANEnet. Currently, computers are only available through caseworker referral; caseworkers can email for more info.


We help qualifying households in Dane County explore affordable home internet options that range $10-$30/mo service for families participating in SNAP and other programs.


Adults can learn very basic computer skills in our free classes to help them connect online with caseworkers, doctors, classes, job resources, and family/friends. Classes cover: using email, safely navigating the internet, making a resume in Word, and troubleshooting basic computer problems. Any scheduled classes and a link to sign-up are below.


Fix IT clinics offer free computer/device repair for households without the means to fix them. Adults can bring in their devices (smart phone, desktop, tower, laptop, etc.) and DANEnet staff & volunteers will do their best to fix the devices. Our schedule of any scheduled clinics is below.

Scheduled Classes

Due to libraries and community centers being closed due to COVID, no classes are scheduled at this time.

Fix-It Clinics

Due to libraries and community centers being closed due to COVID, no Fix-IT Clinics are scheduled at this time.

Support our Digital Equity Work
Give Computers


Working computers running Windows 10 (or MacOS)
(min. 4 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive)

Working keyboards/mice (preferable wired/USB)

Working monitors 19″ or larger

USB webcams with mics

USB computer speakers

++  CLICK HERE for full donation guidelines  ++


anything needing repair

Email if you have tech equipment to donate.
Give Money
Want to support digital equity and access, and help low-income households stay connected? Your generous donation helps in so many ways:

$3,000 provides 20 fully refurbished laptops to be distributed to low-income households in Dane County.

$1,200 allows us to offer our free 5-class computer literacy series at a local library or community center. Adults learn Computer Basics, Using Word/Google Docs, Internet Basics, Intro to Email, and Troubleshooting Computer Problems.

$800 pays for us to hold a Fix-It Clinic at a community center or library, offering free computer/device repair for households without the means to fix them.

$300 pays for ten Windows 10 licenses for donated computers needing refurbishing.

$150 buys one fully refurbished laptop for a low-income family.

$100 buys needed peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, webcam, and wi-fi adapter) for one donated desktop PC.

Any amount helps us close the digital divide in Dane County!

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